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Baila Louca - Arquivo Histórico

Baila Louca - Arquivo Histórico


In 2005 the foundation Baila Louca organised its first activities as an independent platform for improvised dance in Rotterdam. The initiative came from the Portuguese born dancer Rita Vilhena. From 2005 till today Baila Louca has organised several improvisation-sessions, workshops and performances and has initiated and facilitated many so-called 'open platforms'. These activities took place at unusual locations different from the familiar theatre venues. A conscious effort was made to search for performance spaces, which through their specific architecture and/or spatial dimensions left an artistic mark on the work and its creation process. (e.g. Van Nelle Fabriek, Locus 010, former Photomuseum Witte de Withstraat). From the start Baila Louca has worked with (professional) musicians from the new and improvisational music world. The collaboration between dancers and musicians is an integral mutually artistically inspiring - part of Baila Louca's working process.

Baila Louca manifests itself as an independent free-space for dancers (beginners and graduates) and makers. On offer was a central platform where research, dialogue and sharing of knowledge took place in the form of workshops and lessons conducted by guest teachers from The Netherlands and from abroad. This yet again took place on the basis of improvised dance and in combination and in collaboration with musicians from Rotterdam and beyond, which musically accompanied the working sessions and presentations. From the start the artistic leadership and co-ordination has been led by the Portuguese dancer and choreographer Rita Vilhena.

Starting in 2009 the activities intensified and they were explicitly internationalised. With a sharper artistic course and the new working title 'Baila Louca 010', we are laying the foundation for the following 4 directions.

a) Creating a free- space and platform for dance where (personal) research, transferring of knowledge, collaboration and exchange of information is central. This is an artistically autonomous form and without any pressure to work towards a production.
b) Creating and facilitating an open space where dance and (dance) creators/makers can educate, intensify and develop themselves further. A place for up and coming dance professionals - educated or not to develop themselves further; as dancer, or to become a better dancer, as an up and coming dance creator/maker to develop and expand themselves further.
c) Creating a platform, an organisation that clearly seeks connection and contact with similar minded organisations abroad. An organisation where expertise and talent can be imported and therefore contribute to a lively, inspiring and valuable dance climate.
'export' talent created here.
An organisation that in its turn can
d) Creating an open space as a meeting place for dance professionals.

Baila Louca 010 is not an institute but an organisation who 5 x per season (2 monthly cycle) continuously for a period of on average 5 days develops her activities 'on location'. For the first 4 days the central theme is working (together) and passing on of information. The 5th day the focus is on presenting and improvising and there public presentation of the previous working days. Per edition a central guest (organisation) is the central focus. Artistic colleagues of the invited organisation work together with the artistic leader of Baila Louca 010 to create the programme. Essential to the working method of Baila Louca 010 is creating possibilities to acquire knowledge of the artistic work and thinking process of promising, leading dance creators and prominent dance institutions/organisations in the field of dance improvisation.