25th november, 2023

Partícula no Açúcar is a platform for dance and video art performances and experiments to test out artistic work with an interested, curious and reflective public, in an informal and welcoming environment. 

Once again, on the 25th, we filled the Armazém da Dança, and marveled at the proposals of the artists: Ique Larica Gazzola, Pozsony Panna, Mariana Silva, and Khristall Áfrika.
After the performances, all of which were very diverse in character and format, we had the usual feedback session between the audience and the artists. Finally, the interaction continued during the party musicalized by Francisco, with lots of conversation, music and dancing. The evening was a real success!

We'd like to thank CPBC for giving us the opportunity to use their space and continue to develop this project, and we'd also like to thank our guest artists and their audience, without whom the evening wouldn't have gone so well.