“ In The City of God, St Augustine points to the similarity of the plague, which kills without destroying any organs, and theater, which, without killing, induces the most mysterious changes not only in the minds of individuals but in a whole nation.” – Antonin Artaud in The Theater and its Double

In a time where many certainties disappear and where a highly individualized society ensures that traditional links do not count or have disappeared, we are thrown back on ourselves. We seem powerless to find new truths and rituals.
The performance EMERGENCY PLAN shows five performers whose movements start from their own personality and discipline - seeking for a common ground, searching for a new ritual.

An important motivation for creating EMERGENCY PLAN  is the desire to return to the essence of life.
Did we eliminate all rituals because of our fear for death and thus for life? Is life in itself not a ritual? Can people live without great stories, without collective meaning ? And what is a ritual today? Is a ritual the ultimate shared experience?

Rita Vilhena explores how to actualize the ritual.
How she as a choreographer can seal the gap between the reality and the perception of the viewer and the fictional reality on stage.
EMERGENCY PLAN, gives the public a direct experience - taking them to the actual moment.