How can the individual experience change the common experience? And how can the common experience change the individual experience?
This action creates a separated group of individuals; a small society that is immediately identified by the way they walk, backwards.
A temporary community is formed and identified. It’s a pedestrian movement, but in a rebellious backwards way. A small society takes form according to its components. If the group elements are mainly men of a certain age, this group gets a certain appearance, a certain presence. If there are mainly female teenagers than that presence changes completely.
The audience sees a new community.
We become a temporary community but we are still anonymous individuals.  

Social politics
Making Space questions the capitalist movement of our society. Where the motor of this movement is primarily directed forward and towards consumption.
The people are constantly being stimulated for acquisition. And the market makes impressive high-speed upgrades to get MORE quantity and MORE variety of everything we can possibly think of. Even if you’re not dreaming about it, you still want IT and want to get it or buy it, eventually.

I think the satisfaction through success is imbedded in human kind. Success is strongly empowered by our society, by ideas of possession. The acquisition of things like material goods, or the ownership of ideas, give people a successful feeling.  Overconsumption, overdevelopment and colonization are concepts that emerge to my mind when I think about the consequences of our Capitalist society.

Making Space is a contra action to the massive dominate forward motion that we are being ruled by. It’s an anti-capitalist choreography. Organizing the body in space and time and the dance of people moving away from things. Constantly giving AWAY more and more SPACE. Developing behavior of a body that is not producing anything for the system.