Is inspired by the maids from my childhood in Portugal and references such: “les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso; “The Invisible Actor” by Lorna Marshall and Yoshi Oida; "A woman under the influence" by Jonh Cassavetes with Gena Rowlands. 

Is a solo piece that explores a variety of emotional and physical landscapes.
The work goes about the symbolic meaning of womankind, referring to its immediate clichés and assumptions.
How we live, how we are, what we are capable of is quite fast and at the same time simple, and in that sense emotional.
It is important that a work doesn’t make sense, for that I mean that it doesn’t make sense of the world, of things by logic or reason at the same time sense is very important on terms of emotions, on affect.
We get affected, when we can recognize an emotion, a feeling.

This piece is a combination of sculpture and performance. It starts with a surreal physicality, a women playing with a domestic object, a vacuum cleaner named Henry. And it ends up revealing a character.
It was important for me to give a recognized image and at the same time strange as if there is something off about it.

The work is not complete until it has a public to see it, to perceive it. And still then it doesn't stop growing. Every time it is performed the dancer, in this case myself, accumulates experiences and a history, adding each time a layer to the work.
I could work it and do this piece as many times possible because it will never be finished as you can always see something different. I can try always to do the same but I will always experience something different. So it is interesting not to reproduce but to go through the experience that the choreography has to offer. 

Concep and choreography Rita Vilhena
Dance Rita Vilhena
2nd cast: Dance Kaatje Nouwèn
Dramaturgie assistence Bruno Listopad
Research assistance Amaranta Velarde Gonzalez, Demetri Estdelacropolis and Rodney Place 
Production La Caldera , Centre de Creació de Dansa i Arts Escèniques (SP)
With the support from Theater De Gouvernestraat (NL) and Dansateliers Rotterdam
Premiere Theater De Gouvernestraat, October 27th 2011
Award 1st price of the Dance Solo Competition 2012, Gdansk (PL)
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1. If you tell him everything how can you suffer? Sun 26-05-2013 16:00 Korzo, Den Haagkorzo.nl
© Bruno Listopad
© ritavilhena.com
© Pawel Wyszomirski
'If you tell him everything how can you suffer' - Editing Grec Festival 2011
Duration : 01:27
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