We are not from outer space is a piece about us being humans.
After meetings and discussions, in the period after the Egyptian January 2011 revolution , Shafik, Vilhena agreed that they are not interested to express what makes them to be European and Egyptian. Politics and Economics are just tools we use to manage who we are. They contaminated us with a lot of information that we got used to calling ‘ours’, but which does not belong to us and therefore does not represent us. What is common to us is the lost feelings and, disbelieve in the power systems.
Our point with this project is to make a performance that reminds the audience what is sensitive in us, us being humans. 
We want to cross border, of language, geography and culture. We want to test the permeable frontier between the universe of things and deed and the universe of the imagination.

Final editing Choreography: Rita Vilhena
Choreography first editing: Rita vilhena and Mohamed Shafik in collaboration with Thomas Proksch
Performers: Rita Vilhena, Mohamed Shafik, Thomas Proksch and Jacob Ingram-Dodd 
Music: Mohamed Shafik and Thomas Prosksch

Partners: Rotterdam Dance Works, Studio Emad Eddin Foundation, Productiehuis Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Schouwburg).
Thanks to: Dans Ateliers and Scapino Ballet.


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We are not from outer space - trailer for a dance piece
Author : © Katarzyna Zolich
Duration : 02:25
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